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Youth Leaving Pakistan

Introduction: The youth of Pakistan have started to leave the nation in recent years in quest of better chances and a better quality of life. …


The youth of Pakistan have started to leave the nation in recent years in quest of better chances and a better quality of life. This phenomenon, when highly trained individuals depart from their native country to more developed ones, is known as brain drain.

Causes of Youth Leaving Pakistan:

This pattern has a number of causes. The scarcity of work possibilities and underemployment in Pakistan are two of the main causes. Many young individuals in Pakistan struggle to obtain employment that matches their talents and certifications due to the country’s very competitive labor market. This frequently causes annoyance and a sense of helplessness.


Poor educational system:

Another factor is Pakistan’s poor educational system. Many young individuals believe that Pakistan’s educational system is out of date and does not give them the information and skills they need to succeed in a worldwide industry. As a result, many people decide to study overseas or further their education in industrialized nations.

Higher standard of living:

The concept of brain drain is also influenced by political unpredictability, security worries, and a lack of necessities like clean water and power. Many young individuals decide to leave Pakistan in quest of better chances and a higher standard of living because they believe they would be unable to create a future there because of these difficulties.

Security Reasons:

Pakistan has endured unstable security conditions for over 20 years. Many people who wish to leave Pakistan want to make sure they are secure in their physical and economic safety, which may lead to long-term prosperity.


One of the primary challenges young individuals today are currently dealing with is unemployment. There is no potential for young individuals in the entire country.

According to estimates, 6.65 million individuals would be unemployed nationwide in fiscal year 2020–21, up from 5.80 million in the previous fiscal year. The COVID-19 pandemic epidemic has had a significant negative impact on the economy of Pakistan.

Religious violence and extremism:

Liberal young individuals who appear to have lost hope in the nation due to drastically escalating religious violence and extremism are among those who wish to leave the country. Many people believe that the situation will become unsolvable soon.

This is a formula for catastrophe because Pakistan is losing a generation of young, progressive, and liberal leaders who may help guide the troubled and struggling nation on the right path.

Gender Inequality:

The analysis also reveals that more respondents in Sindh indicated that they would leave Pakistan for increased or improved security. Gender equality and the biological foundation for identity were two of the main causes of the desire to leave Pakistan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Lack of appreciation:

A further problem in Pakistan is the devaluation of ability, when an individual’s efforts go unrecognized and unappreciated. A lack of facilities or opportunity to demonstrate one’s talents may leave athletes and other gifted people feeling unfulfilled.

The Pakistani government must act decisively to establish an atmosphere that supports entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic growth if it is to address the brain drain issue. This may be accomplished by implementing laws that promote investment in vital industries like technology, healthcare, and education. The government must also increase the standard of instruction and provide young people with work options.



In conclusion, the issue of Pakistani youth migrating abroad is complicated and calls for a multipronged strategy. While the decision of many young people to leave in pursuit of greater opportunities and a higher quality of life is understandable, it’s equally critical to acknowledge the detrimental effects of this brain drain. The Pakistani government must thus take action to address the root causes of brain drain and foster an atmosphere that encourages young people to remain and contribute to the growth of their nation.

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