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World Cup 2023: All The 10 Captains Gathered In Ahmedabad

World Cup 2023: All the 10 captains gathered in an event that took place in the hall of the Gujarat Cricket Association Clubhouse, Ahmedabad.  The …

World Cup 2023: All the 10 captains gathered in an event that took place in the hall of the Gujarat Cricket Association Clubhouse, Ahmedabad. 

The event was hosted by Ravi Shastri and Eoin Morgan and organized by ICC with plenty of media journalists to chit chat with the captains. The event was a way to interact with with all the 10 captains, with a bundle of joy and respect being the ultimate icon. The photoshoot was the secondary reason to gather all the captains in the event. 

Six of the captains travelled from different venues for the event immediately after their warm-up matches. All the captains were seem to be pretty confident and super excited for the mega event.

Rohit Sharma said that there is full excitement in India, ahead of Cricket World Cup 2023 as you will see in stadiums. They will be jam-packed and not just India’s matches, there will be supporters of each and ever team. 

Babar Azam and Rohit Sharma being asked about the greatest clash on October 14, “Yes! We are very excited because we will be playing 1st time here. Before the 14th match, we have two more matches and will execute our plans match-to-match. Pak– Indo match is always a high intensity match and we are excited for it,” says Babar Azam.

Jos Buttler was questioned on how they control pressure in big matches, to which he replied that it comes naturally in representing your country. He further said that is why the room is so full, as people here have an interest, especially in India, where people admire Cricket than rest of the world.


Babar Azam was being asked by the hospitality given by India on their arrival and he responded “We liked the way hospitality is given to us, as we were not expecting. From airport, till hotel, and as seen in the last match. We would have liked it more if the fans would have been from our side. We will try our best to get that support from the fans.” He was further being asked about the Hyderabadi biryani, to which he laughed and said as many people have asked this question and they have been eating it since their arrival, and they are enjoying it.

Rohit Sharma was fussing about the questions being asked. A reporter asked him about his views regarding the 2019 CWC Final at Lords, where the match between Eng and NZ got tied, went to the super-over and a great drama happened where Eng and NZ both would have been declared as winners. He was pretty annoyed by the question, to which he replied that it’s not my job to share views on it.

On the other side, Babar Azam giggled, and Jos Buttler laughed too, as he thought something funny had happened, but he needed translation, which Babar Azam explained to him, and both of them shared a laugh.

In conclusion, all the captains seem to be very excited for the World Cup season. At last, all 10 captains gathered on the stage to capture the moment with the trophy.

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