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Things Happening Right Now In Gaza That We Cannot See

According to NGOs and the UN, the recent wars and the blockade have led to worsening living conditions in Gaza, and it could become unlivable by 2024. …

According to NGOs and the UN, the recent wars and the blockade have led to worsening living conditions in Gaza, and it could become unlivable by 2024.


Things Happening In Gaza:

Following are some of the things that are happening in Gaza that are not normally noticeable:


Every time a bomb is dropped, a building crumbles, rubble is shuffled, and more dust is released into the atmosphere.
Everybody is inhaling dust.
No masks.
No respirators.
People are unable to wash the dust particles out of their nostrils, eyes, and throats because of the scarcity of water.
Consider how uncomfortable that would be. Their nostrils were hurting, and they needed to wipe their eyes.
Something like this cannot be recorded but is perceptible.

Gaza strip


The noise of this the genocide never stops.
An unending assault of:

People screaming for assistance
Families weeping for their departed loved ones
Frustrated voices
Children crying
No breaks. Constant unrelenting noise.


There are bodies stuck under rubble that cannot be reached. There are at least a thousand unrecovered dead bodies, according to those on the ground.
It will take machinery to lift parts of buildings, and under them, there will be dead bodies. By the time these remains are recovered, some of them will have been dead for weeks.
The smell of dead flesh fills the air in Gaza. It has been called “unbearable” in certain locations.

Urine and Faeces:

Toilet flushing has become impossible due to the water supply being cut off. Currently, about 10% of Gaza’s restrooms are operational. It is becoming increasingly less of that sum.
Either they must stand in line for hours on end or they must go where they can. An even worse smell fills the air.
It’s difficult to find feminine supplies and toilet paper.
People are delaying going to the bathroom for as long as they can. When combined with dehydration, this will undoubtedly result in sickness and infection.


Trash, food leftovers, blood-soaked clothing, and other debris accumulate in huge piles with no one to pick them up or no sanitary procedures.

Gaza strip


Decomposition brings insects. An excessive number of flies.
Both the live and the dead get bit by the flies as they settle on them. They land on food, rubbish, and the little amount of water that is accessible.
The flies are inescapable.


People in Gaza claim to sleep for a maximum of three to four hours every day.
They are experiencing insomnia because of the continuous noise, trauma, fear, and despair, which eventually leads to tiredness.
Your immune system is weakened and your reaction times are slowed down when you sleep less.


The scarcity of food is becoming severe.
In order to provide nourishment for their children, parents are going without eating.
For hours, people stand in line to receive enough food for a day.
Food that is contaminated is being removed from demolished homes.

Gaza strip


In Gaza, nobody feels secure. Nobody thinks they’re going to be alright.
The overwhelming feeling is they are waiting for it to be their turn next.
In order to identify their bodies, children write their names on their arms.
Indeed, this method has allowed for the identification of several infants whose remains would not have otherwise been recognized.

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