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Mohsin Naqvi’s Essential Instructions for Punjab’s Schools

PUNJAB : Caretaker CM Mohsin Naqvi visits the Divisional Public School in Gujranwala and gives essential instructions for Punjab’s schools. Caretaker CM Mohsin Naqvi tours …

PUNJAB : Caretaker CM Mohsin Naqvi visits the Divisional Public School in Gujranwala and gives essential instructions for Punjab’s schools.

caretaker CM mohsin naqvi

Caretaker CM Mohsin Naqvi tours Gujranwala’s Divisional Public School to check the quality of education and the availability of sports activities in the school.

Divisional Public School (DPS) is also known as the ‘Mini Aitchison‘ of Gujranwala.

Caretaker CM Mohsin Naqvi announces to make twenty-four new classrooms in the school and to provide high-quality education in the school.

Caretaker CM has issued a directive to the Gujranwala Commissioner, emphasizing the need for 50 recent computers to enhance technological capabilities in the region.

He extends a warm invitation to all the students, both girls and boys, inviting them for an enriching visit to Lahore. He also extended an invitation to all the students to take advantage of this unique opportunity to visit the Governor House and the CM’s office.

Moreover, Mohsin Naqvi conducted a thorough inspection of the autism center within Divisional Public School, underscoring his commitment to understanding and supporting special education initiatives.

Students expressed a strong desire for a well-rounded education by passionately supporting the addition of computer, art, and music lessons to the curriculum. Additionally, they earnestly requested the incorporation of sports activities to enhance their overall learning experience.

Some students voiced a collective desire for a large library, highlighting their enthusiasm for a diverse range of academic resources. Simultaneously, others advocated for a reduction in the prices of items in the canteen, emphasizing the importance of affordability and accessibility for the students.

caretaker cm mohsin naqvi

In addition, he toured the swimming pools and squash court facilities, underscoring the commitment of DPS to providing comprehensive recreational options. Furthermore, Divisional Public School remains dedicated to delivering high-quality education at exceptionally affordable fees, ensuring accessibility for all.

Moreover, he carefully inspected the state-of-the-art digital language lab and interacted with students taking computer education classes to help them get a personal understanding of the innovative learning resources available to enhance their academic journey.

He effectively addressed and resolved all student concerns, earning heartfelt gratitude from the student body for his effective solutions and responsive leadership.

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